State of Short-
Form Video 2024

How the fastest growing marketing channel has evolved - and will continue to expand - into a must for small and large businesses alike.

In 2024, video marketing is no longer optional

For several years, the weight of social and ad content has steadily shifted towards video, with both seasoned and emerging platforms pushing towards video feeds:


85% of viewers prefer videos that are 15 seconds or less, highlighting the growing demand for short, engaging content.


Short-form videos have been found to receive 2.5 times more engagement than long-form videos.


It's evident that short-form video ad revenue is on a significant rise, with predictions that it will exceed $10 billion.


Trends in Business Use of Online Media and Video


User-Generated Content

significantly influences purchase decisions.


Simplified Production

often uses smartphones and basic equipment.


Subtitles and Captioning

improves accessibility and engagement.

Impact of Video Marketing on Business Growth

Increasing ROI:

Marketers are more optimistic about the return on investment from videos.

Optimizing Multiple Platforms:

To reach wider audiences, brands are optimizing their video content for different platforms.

Video-First Approach:

Businesses are increasingly adopting a video-first approach in their marketing campaigns.

Video SEO:

Optimizing videos for search engines is crucial for visibility and ranking.

Storytelling and Brand Recognition:

Emotional storytelling in videos plays a significant role in brand recognition and loyalty.

Challenges in Video Marketing



Pre-production activities like ideation and scripting are particularly time-consuming.


Creation Process

Producing, filming, and editing videos is complex, often requiring investment in equipment and software.

Effective Strategy Development

Aligning with target audience, budget, and distribution channels is challenging.

We at Munch have analyzed and helped edit millions of video hours for over 500K content professionals worldwide. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Video is Business Essential

It’s becoming clear who is producing short-form video content and what they’re using it for. While Munch’s customer base grew by 20% QoQ, almost all of that growth can be attributed to businesses looking to scale their video marketing efforts.

Businesses employing content to market their own products and services make up the majority of our customers, while content creators for whom content is the product are actually declining.

Business Domination:

Munch users who consider themselves businesses.

Business User Growth:

Growth in the business segment.

The DNA of Viral Clips

In the dynamic landscape of video marketing, there are some key elements and characteristics that pop up in the most effective short-form videos

Content Velocity

Successful clips published by our users are pacing at an impressive 150 words per minute.

Collaborative Approach

The majority of these clips feature 2-3 speakers, fostering a diverse range of perspectives and discourse.

Optimal Length

The sweet spot for a clip's duration is 40 seconds, blending viewer engagement with concise messaging.

Video Marketing is Everywhere

Short-form videos are being utilized by businesses up and down the market - from “solopreneurs” to the biggest brands.

Industries Putting Videos to Work

The landscape of industries leveraging short-form video marketing is rapidly evolving:

& Digital Products

Leading the charge with a 4x growth in e-commerce and 3x in digital products

Diverse Industry Adoption

Wellness, media, music production, and religious institutions doubled their presence, indicating a broadening appeal of short-form video.


Distribution Platforms

The choice of platforms varies between businesses and creators:



Instagram and YouTube remain the primary choices for both businesses and creators. TikTok’s absence from the top three business platforms suggests significant challenges in adopting the platform for original content and its relatively lower perceived value in the realm of small business marketing.

Content Trends by Industry

Different industries gravitate towards specific content types:

Interview formats are favored by media and financial institutions
Lectures are common in religious institutions and coaching
Conversational videos, including podcasts, are produced by media and fitness experts
Webinars are a staple for SaaS and educational sectors
Monolog videos are preferred by wellness coaches and financial experts
Explainer videos are popular among sports coaches, marketing agencies, and legal firms
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