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Swift Long Video Repurposing

Transform extensive content into engaging digital snippets ready for sharing and virality.

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AI-Enhanced Trending Insights

Navigate the digital sphere with insights that ensure your content matches real-time trends and audience.

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Maximized Time & Efficiency

Free yourself from tedious tasks and dependencies, and let your creativity flow as you create top-notch content.

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10X your video content strategy

Create & publish dozens of trending clips from just one long video.

So, What Can You Do With Munch?

Deep AI Analysis

From object recognition to sentiment analysis, our multi-modal AI technology “watches and listens” to your videos, diving into every layer and extracting 1000s of data points.

Video or Image based on Screen Size
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Video or Image based on Screen Size
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Customizable Video Outputs

Access powerful capabilities with Munch’s AI video editor. Adjust clip lengths, match subtitles to your brand, modify aspect ratios, and even get auto-generated social media posts to match.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Match the content of your video with detailed analytics and reports taken directly from the destination platform and gain priceless marketing insights. Let data drive your next content move.

Video or Image based on Screen Size
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Video or Image based on Screen Size
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Multilingual Support

Munch helps you serve your local followers with the best content by seamlessly supporting over 10 languages, from Spanish and German to Hindi and Japanese.

Top Features to Launch Your Videos Forward

Dive into our suite of advanced features designed to elevate your video content. We provide tools to enhance every aspect of your video experience. Propel your content to new heights and engage with a broader audience effortlessly.
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Smart Cropping

Framing your video to 9:16 ratio, keeping the action in the center.
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Magic Posts

Automatically generated media-optimal posts for your clips.
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Spot-on Subtitles

Accurate, editable transcriptions to increase your view rate.
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Customizable Branding

Upload your own fonts, adjust the color and size of subtitles.
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Manual Adjustments

Reframe your clips to focus on what
matters most.
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Munch can identify and transcribe over 10 languages and counting.

Supercharge Your videos with AI

Put your existing content to work with Munch.

Experience the Munch Effect

Imagen logo

"I've been blown away by the power of Munch. As a social media manager, this tool has been a game-changer for me. It saves me so much time! Thanks to their ability to extract the most engaging moments from our videos and turn them into auto-cropped social clips, we could finally give our podcast new life on social media and reach new audiences. Plus, they truly go the extra mile to make sure we're satisfied. I definitely recommend Munch to anyone looking to level up their social media game!"

Jonathan Kessler photo

Jonathan Kessler

Social Media Manager @ Imagen
Anaconda logo

"Munch is an incredible tool that's allowed our small team to scale our video content in ways that save us hundreds to thousands of dollars each time we use it. We previously relied on a combination of manual processes and outsourcing of the work through agencies, but now we've brought all of our video repurposing needs in-house to accelerate video production. We're incredibly impressed with Munch and are excited to see the platform grow."

Kodie Dower photo

Kodie Dower

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications @ Anaconda, Inc.
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“With the help of Munch, we can maximize our revenue and not leave any money on the table!”

Nuseir Yassin image

Nuseir Yassin

CEO @ Nas Company, Content Creator
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“We have been working with Munch for the past few months and have been highly impressed with the results. It has enabled us to gain valuable insights into our customers' content and its performance, helping us to create more effective and targeted campaigns. We have seen a significant increase in our branding efforts as a result of using this tool, and we are grateful for the help it has provided.”

Leilani Salgado photo

Leilani Salgado

Founder @ Vinci Growth Branding Studio

Munch Like a Pro


Munch helps brands deliver quality and relevant content in the ever-changing realm of content marketing. You can instantly transform your ready-made long-form content into engaging, trend-tracking, hype-mirroring clips for social media. This allows you to stand out in your competitive landscape and, gain actionable insights and engage with your target audience regularly, all while remaining authentic to the brand.

Times square photo by Nik Shuliahin from Unsplash

Social Media Managers

Our proprietary AI algorithm can find your long-form content's most engaging, coherent, and cohesive moments. By doing so, you can keep your brand's voice and spread your client's message across numerous social media platforms in a flash, keeping you updated on current trends, user engagement, and content performance - automatically.

Account Manager photo by Andrew Neel from Unsplash

Media Agencies

Munch quickly identifies, extracts, and repurposes content from videos, saving you time and money. Our AI solution can automatically generate captions, subtitles, and keywords, making content more accessible and searchable. This allows you to focus on helping your clients implement and manage their marketing strategies to meet their business goals.

Brand Managers photo byCharles Deluvio from Unsplash

Digital Marketers

Our full-AI platform automates content repurposing and editing. Munch takes your hard-earned content, extracts gold nuggets, and tells you on how, where, and when to post it. Letting you focus on creating, connecting, and nurturing excellent leads.

Group Meeting photo by Austin Distel from Unsplash

Content Creators

By giving you actual, tangible, and, most importantly - automatically actionable data on your content's performance, Munch allows you, a content creator, to keep creating compelling, quality content fast and efficiently. Just upload your ready-made content to Munch, and watch the AI-magic happen.

Photographer photo by Noemi Macavei Katocz from Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions

We're always here to help out.
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How does Munch work?

When you upload your video to Munch, you have the opportunity to select specific platforms for content curation.

Using data from your chosen platforms, our AI technology generates optimized clips from your uploaded content, tailored for your preferred platforms. These clips are accompanied by AI-generated subtitles, which you can further customize.

Additionally, we offer up-to-date search engine optimization (SEO) analytics based on your submitted video, which are also taken into account during the clip generation process.

How does Munch’s technology work?

Munch utilizes AI at every step of the process. We use computer vision and NLP models to extract data from any uploaded video.

This includes deep analysis of gestures, faces, overlays, objects, and also spoken keywords, people, brands, locations, and topics.

What type of videos can I upload?

You can choose to upload any public video (from platforms like YouTube or from your cloud storage), or directly from your computer (up to 4GB).

We currently accept links from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Google Drive. Content must be less than 4 hours long.

Which languages are supported?

Munch supports English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, and Japanese.

For better results, make sure you choose your preferred language in the settings tab.

How many minutes per plan?

We offer three different plans for our users: Pro, Elite, and Ultimate. Pro users have 200 upload minutes, Elite users have 500 upload minutes, and Ultimate users have 1000 upload minutes.

What happens when my plan runs out?

When your plan runs out you will not be able to upload new content, but you will still be able to access your existing content. You can either upgrade your plan or renew your previous plan.

Can I publish directly from the platform?

Yes, you can currently publish directly onto TikTok and Instagram by integrating your social media accounts. To integrate your accounts go to “Integrations,” which can be found under “My Projects” in the menu on the left of the projects page.

To publish directly to the destination platform, click “Export” for your desired clip and choose the option for your desired platform.

Is Munch free?

In order to upload and process your videos through, you will need to subscribe to one of our paid plans (Starting at $49/month for 200 minutes). Munch does offer a limited free trial to selected locales.

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